Research Paper: Policy Impacts - The impact of government agricultural and rural development policy on smallholder farmers in KwaZulu-Natal

23 March 2018

Written by Dr Harald Witt, this research paper examines policy and the efficacy of government support for, and the challenges faced by smallholder farmers in rural KZN.

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Research Paper: Agroecology - Environmental, Social and Economic Justice

22 May 2016

Written by Vanessa Black, this research paper examines what agroecology is and why it's needed for a sustainable food system.

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Research Paper: The Biowatch Case - A victory for access to information and a landmark decision on costs awards in public litigation

9 May 2012

Written by Josie Eastwood, this research paper is a legal review of the Biowatch case, beginning with its origin – which are rooted in concerns about the regulatory system for GMOs – and examining the legal contributions of both the High Court judgment in the area of access to information, and the Constitutional Court judgment in clarifying the principles for determining costs awards in all cases with a constitutional dimension.

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Research Paper: National Biosafety Legislation for GMO's in SA

30 September 2010

Written by Gareth Prince and Vanessa Black, this research paper...

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Research Paper: Chrysalis or Butterfly? Evaluating the Significance and Effectiveness of the IBSA Dialogue Forum

31 August 2010

Written by Biowatch Chairperson, David Fig, this research paper explores and answers a central question: Has the IBSA Dialogue Forum served the peoples of its constituent countries?

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