SKI is a dynamic partnership of diverse Southern African organisations committed to securing food sovereignty in the region.

Esther Nkosi, a smallholder farmer in Runfunsa District, Zimbabwe, who works with SKI regional partner KATC. © SKI


A focus of Biowatch’s work is to create solidarity and strengthen a common voice with others working on food sovereignty and environmental justice – nationally, regionally and internationally. This approach contextualises our work within global struggles through regional and international networking, events and farmer exchanges.



Biowatch is a founding partner of the regional Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI), a dynamic partnership of Southern African organisations committed to securing food sovereignty in the region. 

Active in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa – and currently comprising 16 partner organisations –SKI seeks to revive and enhance farmer-led seed and knowledge systems and deepen understanding about their functioning within the context of supportive agricultural, cultural and ecological practices.

SKI works with smallholder farmers to become more seed, food and nutritionally secure through agroecology, farmer-led seed systems, improved crop diversity, and the revival of local knowledge systems.

Seed sovereignty is the basis of food sovereignty – and stands as a symbol for farmers’ (and especially women’s) autonomy, access and control over locally produced, culturally appropriate, increasingly diverse, seed and food, and for the health of the ecosystem on which it all depends.

In Phase 2 (2019–2023) SKI’s work is even more relevant, more urgent, and increasingly validated: the context, and the achievements during Phase 1 (2013–2018) compel partners to continue forming alliances, acting and advocating for seed sovereignty in the face of climate change, destruction of biodiversity, and increasing food insecurity and malnutrition.

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