Biowatch Briefing: Farmer-led seed systems

10 October 2021

A Biowatch Briefing on farmer-led seed systems – securing food sovereignty in the face of looming ecological and social crises. FLSS can and do make a critical contribution in responding to current global ecological and social threats through adaptation to climate change, enhancing agricultural biodiversity, strengthening food security and sovereignty, increasing dietary diversity, and recognising and honouring indigenous knowledge and the key roles of women.

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The impact of COVID-19 on food systems in South Africa

8 August 2020

A snapshot of the impact of COVID-19 on food systems in South Africa. Document prepared for the Global Food Governance Working Group of the Civil Society and Indigenous People’s Mechanism (CSM) of the United Nations Committee on World Food Security (CFS).

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Policy Brief: Securing Farmers' Rights and Seed Sovereignty in South Africa

1 October 2012

Written by Rachel Wynberg, Jaci van Niekerk, Rose Williams and Lawrence Mkhaliphi, this policy brief helps to inform policy debate by reviewing farmers' rights in South Africa, and the extent to which existing policies, laws and practices support seed security and the conservation of agricultural biodiversity.

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