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Agroecology Is Best Practice

Showcasing Biowatch’s work with farmers in four key areas (diversity; soil and water; seed; advocacy), this book explores the workings of eight homestead farms in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, illustrating agroecology best practices through the personal experiences of each of the smallholder farmers.

Biowatch Bulletin: June 2018

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Research Paper: Policy Impacts - The impact of government agricultural and rural development policy on smallholder farmers in KwaZulu-Natal

23 March 2018

Written by Dr Harald Witt, this research paper examines policy and the efficacy of government support for, and the challenges faced by smallholder farmers in rural KZN.

Fact Sheet: GMOs in South Africa

February 2018

Updated facts about GMOs and GM crops in South Africa, and why it's important to avoid and speak out against GMOs.

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Crop Information Sheet: Sorghum

20 October 2017

Sorghum is the fifth most important cereal crop worldwide.

What is this nutritious ancient grain, and how do you grow it?