Good Food Conversations with Biowatch


Produced by Biowatch South Africa, this podcast is part of a series of conversations about good food – food that’s good for us and good for the planet.

The podcast series, launched on World Food Day 2020, celebrates diversity in what we grow, cook, eat and store, and the diversity of voices passionate about good food that nourishes our bodies and our lives, as well as the web of life we share our gardens, fields, pastures and waters with.

Episode 3

Zayaan Khan

Zayaan Khan is a food activist based in Cape Town who says that good health starts with strong biodiversity. She gives us tips on how to improve the diversity in our kitchens – and the nutrition in our diets – with fermentation and other ancient methods. 

Episode 2

Fakazile Mthethwa and Nikki Brighton

Gogo Qho is an agroecologist, and Gogo Nikki is a writer who promotes local economies. They say we can increase the diversity on our plates by being creative about what we harvest from the plants we grow, and what we forage from wild plants growing in our gardens and fields. Nikki’s recipe book Mnandi, co-authored with the Mpophomeni community, is available at book retailers or can be ordered by emailing 

Episode 1

Vanessa Black

Vanessa is the Advocacy, Research and Policy Co-ordinator at Biowatch. She says that as much as we need diversity on our plates, we also need diversity in a food system that offers us more and better choices about what we eat, how our food is grown, and how we access it.

New episodes


Upcoming episodes include conversations with Mpho Tshukudu, author of Eat-Ting, and Nobhongo Gxolo, Third Culture Experiment food club host.

Are you or someone you know passionate about good food that’s nourishing and healthy (for us and for the planet)? Contact us, we’d love to have a good food conversation! 

Email us at or message +27 (0) 82 553 0589.


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