Notice: COVID-19 lockdown

Biowatch COVID-19 lockdown announcement

At midnight on 26 March 2020 South Africa went into COVID-19 lockdown. During the lockdown, and while the Biowatch offices are closed, we will be working remotely from home. We are all monitoring our email addresses, and we’re exploring creative, new ways of remotely working together and connecting with farmers, partners, supporters and other organisations – nationally and regionally. 

If you need to contact us and can’t get through on our landline or individual email addresses, please either use the contact form on this website (see the CONTACT page) or send an email to We’ll get right back to you. 

Keep safe and stay home (do not leave your house unless it is essential). Check on and keep in contact with your loved ones (through social media and your phone). Adhere to social distancing guidelines (see – protect yourself, and protect others.

We stand in solidarity with all those affected and infected, with first responders and healthcare workers, and with all those on the front lines at this difficult and challenging time for our country, and our world. 

The Biowatch team