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<p><em>A Landmark Victory for Justice</em> tells the story of Biowatch`s 10-year battle against Monsanto and the South African government.�</p>

A Landmark Victory for Justice

5 March 2013

Biowatch South Africa launches its much anticipated book "A Landmark Victory for Justice. Biowatch`s Battle with the South African State and Monsanto".

Launches will take place in Cape Town on 5 March, Johannesburg on 18 March, and Durban on 26 March.

The book, written by Biowatch founder trustees Rachel Wynberg and David Fig, tells the inside story of how a reasonable request for access to GMO permit applications catapulted an environmental watch-dog into almost a decade of litigation against the South African state and monolithic Monsanto.

What has become known as "the Biowatch case" originated in a genuine attempt to access information from government about the planting of genetically modified crops in South Africa.

"This book is an official version of what Biowatch experienced in the prosecution of this case," said Rose Williams, Biowatch Director. "We were confronted by outdated approaches to the law, the immense power of transnational corporations, and government intransigence."

This is a tale of risk and heroism, since the legal battle threatened Biowatch`s existence. Despite this, however, Biowatch persisted in its quest for justice. "It also underlines the importance in our democratic justice system of the Constitutional Court, the only forum in which we felt that true justice was served," said Williams.

Anyone campaigning for environmental or social justice needs to read this feel-good David and Goliath account of what courage and tenacity can achieve, and serves as an inspiration to civil society and a warning to those pursuing narrow profit motives at the expense of the environment.

For more information, please visit the Biowatch website: www.biowatch.org.za or call 031 206 2954.