Biowatch at CFS 2013

World Committee on Food Security (CFS)

04 October 2013 - 11 October 2013, Rome

Food security and nutrition is everyone's business. The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) multi-stakeholder platform enables all viewpoints to be considered when deciding on concrete actions to address issues affecting food security and nutrition such as the economic crisis and the rising demand for food.

The CFS is made up of Members, Participants and Observers. The membership of the Committee is open to all Member States of The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) or The World Food Programme (WFP) and non-Member States of FAO that are Member States of the United Nations. Member States are encouraged to participate in CFS sessions at the highest level possible.

The CFS held its 40th Session from 7-11 October 2013 at FAO Headquarters in Rome. The Session was attended by delegates from 121 Members of the Committee; 14 non-Member States of the Committee and by representatives from: 11 United Nations Agencies and Bodies; 95 Civil society organizations (including Biowatch South Africa); 1 International agricultural research organization; 2 International and regional financial institutions; 47 Private sector associations and private philanthropic foundations; and 26 observers.

Civil society had a key role to play in the Session, particularly with respect to issues around small-holder farmers and the negative impact of biofuels on food security.

CFS 41 will run from 13-18 October in Rome.